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Kärnfull Next CEO Appointed as Expert in Government Inquiry

Founder and CEO Christian Sjölander has been appointed as an expert in the Swedish government's inquiry into nuclear power's future.


His extensive financing experience and innovative approach in the nuclear sector will contribute to shaping Sweden's energy policy towards a sustainable and fossil-free future.




26 March 2024

Christian Sjölander Joins Gov't Inquiry as Expert

Christian Sjölander, VD och grundare av Kärnfull Next, har blivit utsedd till expert i regeringens utredning om kärnkraft.

Christian Sjölander, the CEO and Founder of Kärnfull Next, has been appointed as an expert in the Swedish government's latest inquiry into the future of nuclear power, entitled "New Nuclear Power in Sweden – a Second Step".


This initiative reflects a strategic move by the government to thoroughly examine and harness nuclear technology's potential in achieving Sweden's ambitious environmental and energy objectives.

Kärnfull Next, under Sjölander's leadership, has made significant strides in enabling small modular reactors (SMRs) as a flexible, efficient, and sustainable energy source. These efforts align with Sweden's revised energy targets, which emphasize a shift towards "100% fossil-free" electricity by 2045, recognizing the vital role that nuclear energy plays in a balanced and clean energy mix.

The government's inquiry aims to explore various aspects of nuclear energy, from technological advancements and environmental impacts to regulatory frameworks and economic feasibility. Sjölander's appointment is a recognition of his extensive experience in operations and innovative business models within the nuclear sector.


His insights will be invaluable in guiding the inquiry towards practical and forward-thinking recommendations for Sweden's nuclear energy policy.

This development comes at a critical juncture for Sweden, as the country seeks to balance its growing energy needs with climate commitments. The inclusion of an industry expert like Sjölander signifies a comprehensive approach to policy-making, where expertise from the field directly informs the strategic direction of national energy planning.

Sjölander's role in the inquiry not only underscores Kärnfull Next's contributions to the nuclear energy sector but also highlights the company's commitment to sustainable energy solutions.


As the inquiry progresses, it will benefit from Sjölander's hands-on experience and the innovative perspectives he brings from the forefront of the nuclear energy industry.


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