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We strive to lead by example and pave new roads to get new nuclear built. Not by doing easy things, but by doing the right things – at the right time. That's Next.


Reimagining the Road to Fossil Freedom

Ever since delivering our first certified kilowatt hour of nuclear energy – starting to reinvigorate the general public's understanding of how indispensable fission is for a brighter future – we've been devoted to playing a key part in Scandinavia's sustainability puzzle.


Meeting an ever-increasing demand for clean, reliable energy requires innovative thinking. By combining direct sales with SMR projects we widen the road to full-scale fossil freedom.

Car Charging Station

Our milestones



Kärnfull Energi became the first supplier to offer nuclear-only electricity contracts to households and SMEs. Featuring simple secure signup, fully digital UX, 24/7 customer support and a highly competitive hourly-based flexible contract.



Having enjoyed rapid organic growth, we started our international expansion by launching Kärnfull Danmark and prepared for more markets.



Power your life with Nuclear Energy. Today.

Can't wait till we're done building our new units to- start minimizing your household's or company's emissions and costs? No sweat. 

If you live in Sweden or Denmark you can switch to Kärnfull Energi's nuclear-only electricity subscription already today. It's affordable, customer centric and supports nuclear R&D.

Learn more:

Kärnfull Energi website

Key Personnel

Christian Sjölander

Christian Sjölander
CEO & Founder

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John Eliasson, KNXT

John Eliasson
Business Dev Manager

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Arvid Guthed, KNXT

Arvid Guthed
Project Leader

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Malin Carlström, Climentum

Malin Carlström
Board Member

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John Ahlberg

John Ahlberg
CSO & Founder

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Janne Liuko, KNXT

Janne Liuko
Program Director

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Balder Hagert, KNXT

Balder Hagert
Portfolio Manager

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Göran Linder, Granitor

Göran Linder
Board Member

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